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Chester talks briefly about himself

ChesterMy name is Chester and I was born in a small town in the countryside of west Britain. My dad was a mechanic and tried to teach both his sons the trade, I didn’t follow in his footsteps and although I like bikes and riding them – I don’t understand much about how it works or how to repair one should it stall in the middle of nowhere. And this is where you would usually find me on my Honda – in the countryside, miles away from civilization. I studied engineering, why? – mostly tradition. Afterwards I had a few office jobs in Bristol before landing this job as writer and editor for gambling sites.

riding in the countryside

A few details about myself in four points:

When I played poker for the first time at Pokerstars, it was the first time ever that I played that game. I’ve watched a number of movies with such a topic in the script, teaching you that “you don’t play out your cards, you play the opponent”. Well, it’s a different story at the virtual tables, you can’t see anyone’s grin or drops of sweat and you can hide your own tells. It was a perfect setup for me to start methodically researching combinations, betting patterns, chances and formulas and in a short amount of time I started winning a few bucks here and there. And I’d go as far as say it’s actually easy to be relatively successful if you come at it from a business angle and not get caught up in a winning streak’s adrenalin rush or a losing streak’s rage feeling. I’ve also found that knowing thy enemy gets rid of a big portion of the risk involved with such a game of luck and there’s no better tool to find out what kind of players sit at a poker table than Poker Tracker 4. With my guidance anyone can start playing without the usual frustration of getting outsmarted by the old dogs, which is so common in online poker and casino.

Responsible Gambling

Be aware of playing responsible. As Poker is a game of skill making it a bit different then other forms of gambling. But, there are plenty of ways where one can get over their head when playing poker. The key is to act responsibly.

Why do we have this page on our site?

We all know when it comes to gaming online or in a casino play, money can be lost much quicker then it’s won. This is why we want to make sure all players are doing the right thing when it comes to playing poker. Running bad is inevitable in poker. Bad Beats with large pots will occur all the time as well. It’s controlling what happens after you’ve taken a bad loss or have had a bad run. This is where certain troublesome habits will trigger.

Here some highlighted items that surround Responsible Poker playing:

  1. Too much time of anything is not good for you. Know when to stop. Set a time limit and a loss limit.
  2. Know your limits on both the losing and winning side.
  3. Know what kind of mood you’re in. If you’ve been drinking or having a bad day then take the day off from playing poker.
  4. Don’t lose more than you can afford. Don’t supply your bankroll with your next month’s rent thinking you will double up. Bad Bad Bad.
  5. Take advantage of spending limit indicators the poker rooms have to stop you from making a bad decision when you run low on funds.

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